Porterville, situated only a 140 km from Cape Town is the ideal destination for city folk to smell, taste and experience local products. Historically, this little country town’s economy was dominated by the wheat industry, but during recent years alternative crops have been introduced and creative processing of local produce adopted. The common trend, encouraged by an international sustainable and healthy lifestyle approach is organic living. The summer season is the best time to visit as this is when most of the produce are harvested and the hands-on experiences are prolific. Choose your own destinations and design your own itinerary to fit your schedule.

Andante Olive Oil Porterville Western Cape

1. Andante Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Is made from olives grown on the Wêreldsgeluk Olive Estate near Porterville. It is a family-owned and run business, born of a dream to make great olive oil. Owner Willie Duminy and manager Han-Hendrik Basson, planted their first trees in 2006, and now have 3189 hectares under cultivation in an intensive system, with 34 000 trees of 7 cultivars. A combination of the best organic and scientific farming practices are implemented. Its a flagship brand, Andante, is made solely with olives from Wêreldsgeluk and has earned national and international accolodaes which include first positions with the SAOlive Awards and amongst others, the New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

Location: 15 km from Porterville, on the R44 towards Saron/Gouda
GPS: 33.06520 S 19.01471 E
Accessibility: All vehicles. Sort tour of the plant, olive oil tastings, olive tasting and product sales.
Monday – Thursday: 09H00 – 17H00; Friday: 09H00 – 15H00. By appointment only. Weekend visits can be arranged. No cost. Card facility available.
Contact: Jan-Hendrik 079 511 1065 / info@andanteoliveoil.co.za /
Web: www.andanteoliveoil.co.za


Indie Ale Porterville Western Cape

2. Indie Ale: 
Bernard Kruger and wife Susan have bravely pioneered the growing craft beer industry and introduced their own unique range of beer as brewed on the farm KleineLiefde, just outside of Porterville. Indie Ale is a family owned micro-brewery with the ambition of later becoming a spirit distillery. The name Indie, resonates their independence from the mainstream trends, as revealed in their first three beers, aptly named for local heritage: the 24-River Blonde Ale, the Cochoqua Red Ale and the Porter’ville Porter. Visit the Indie Ale tasting room for tasting and a short tour of the brewery. Its attractive décor and shaded outdoor seating, makes it an ideal lunch stop over weekends. Light lunches include pizza and other homemade dishes. 

Location: 16 km from Porterville, on the R44 towards Saron / Gouda
GPS: 33.09182 S 18.58321 E
Accessibility: All vehicles excluding big coaches.
Wed - Sun: 11H00 – 16H00 Tastings: R20 per person. Card facilities available. Group visits by arrangements only.
Contact: Bernard 076 599 5995 / info@ibsco.co.za 
Web: www.indieale.co.za 


Magic Micro Greens Porterville Western Cape

4.Magic, micro greens:
An increased emphasis on healthy living has led to the revolution of the standard garden salad and today most grocery store shelves boast a variety of gourmet greens. Award winning farmer Steve Botha, started his 0.7ha garden more than 10 years ago. This ‘backyard-garden’, inside the town of Porterville,  has since literally grown to such an extent that he now cultivates an additional 1.2ha farm outside of town which supplies micro herbs, baby salads and veggies and edible flowers to close on 120 restaurants in Cape Town, as well as to an established grocery chain. Join Steve on a stroll through his garden in the heart of town and learn about the medicinal properties of common garden species and see how micro greens cultivation takes place. 

Location: 14 Rose Street, Porterville.
GPS: 33.01427 S 18.99157 E.
Accessibility: All vehicles as well as coaches. Group size: max. 20. Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00. Visits by appointment only. Costs: R25 p.p. Strictly Cash only.
Contact: Steve at 022 931 3209


Figfun Porterville Western Cape

Is the brainchild of Karin and her mother-in-law, the late Petro Knoetzen, to deal with figs on their farm Eikenhof, not destined for the export market. Husband, Hanro, planted the first fig trees in 2007 and today produces Parisian and Ronde de Bordeaux figs for overseas markets. Figfun produces a range of products and preserves, jams, chutney, salad dressing and dried fruit and fruit rolls. Granadillas, also grown on the farm, are added to some fig products as the flavours complement each other. All products are individually handled and no preservatives added, not even sulphur in the dried products. The end of December/beginning of January sees the start of the harvest and this continues for approximately four uninterrupted months. Figfun products are available in town at the Porterville Pharmacy and local produce supplier, Delicious. 

Location: 2 km from town, on Eikenhof Farm.
GPS: 33.01583 S 18.97559 E.
Accessibility: Product sales: Porterville Pharmacy and Delicious, Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00; Sat: 09:00 – 13:00. Farm visits by arrangement only. No cost.
Contact: Karin @ 083 320 7389/ karin@knoetzen.co.za.
Website: www.figfun.co.za

Houdconstant Porterville Western Cape

7.Exotic fruits and home brews: 
Houdconstant Farm, outside Porterville,  is home to garagiste Fan Olivier. A wide variety of produce is harvested on the farm including grapes, pomegranates, citrus and vegetables. The farm is also a processing plant for the power fruits, pomegranates and dragon fruit. The fruit is sourced from the area and the pips and juice exported to the USA and UK. Fan’s latest addition to his crops is lemon grass – an increasingly popular ingredient of modern dietary preferences. Figs and other seasonal vegetables from the surrounding farms are also packaged on the farm. The farm also specialises in producing barrels of fermented wine. During harvesting season (February) visitors can see how barrel fermented wine is produced according to the old ways with a vintage winepress. 

Location: 2 km from town, Houdconstant Farm
GPS: 33.00986 S 19.04912 E.
Accessibility: Groups from 2 – 65. Half/full day visits, which can include visits to the package shed, pomegranate facilities, tractor rides on the farm and wine tastings. Costs on request.
Contact: Fan Olivier @ 083 625 0525 / fan@houdconstant.co.za

Berghoff Proteas Porterville Western Cape

8.Berghoff Proteas:
Three kilometres from town, the winding Dasklip Pass leads the way to Porterville-on-the-Mountain. This route offers a spectacular panorama of the area and as one steadily climbs higher ‘fynbos’ fragrances fill the air. On reaching the summit a gravel road takes one to Berghoff, an export, cut flower farm and home to the endemic Proteamagnifica. Owners Margot and Marius Huysamer have been farming with cut flowers since 2009. Join Margot for a drive through the fields of Barbis, Ice Queens and Snow Princesses. The packing shed will enchant all flower lovers. Here deft hands clean the proteas of excess leaves and the perfect flower heads are carefully placed in tissue clad boxes for their overseas journey. Visitors are welcome to arrange a short tour of the farm and packing sheds. Flower season is June to December.

Location: approx. 26 km from Porterville, Porterville-on-the-Mountain
GPS: 32.95358 S 19.04912 E.
Accessibility: All vehicles to max. 16 seater. Mon – Thu: 09:00 – 17:00. Visits by appointment only. No costs.
Contact: Margot at 022 931 2937/0839545276 / margot@berghoff-fynbos.co.za
Website: www.berghoff-fynbos.co.za

Groot Winterhoek Porterville Western Cape

9.Disas in the Groot WinterhoekWilderness Area:
The winding Dasklip Pass takes one up the mountain and to the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area, outside Porterville. The Reserve comprises of 30 608 hectares and include rare, threatened and endemic vegetation species. During the summer months of January and February the area offers a spectacular display of nature, as the DisaUniflora (the red disa), blooms along the streams in the Reserve. It is the only place in South Africa where one can see fields of these flowers in nature. There’s plenty to do in ‘Groot Winterhoek’ besides taking photographs of flowers. The Reserve itself has accommodation available and surrounding farms also offer a variety of facilities.

Location: approx. 33 km from Porterville, Porterville-on-the-Mountain.
GPS: 33.073519 S 19.163143E
Accessibility: All vehicles up to the Reserve Office.. Permits available from Cape Nature office in Porterville or at the Reserve Office. Office hours: 07:30–16:00 Mon- Fri.
Contact: Cape Nature at 022 931 2860 and for accommodation and permit bookings 021 483 0190.
Website: www.capenature.co.za